somebody asked for Karkat in a vampire outfit so I thought maybe he and Kanaya could go trick or treating in matching outfits or something eheh

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i failed the desert trial like 5 times and fi said this to me

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Your pokémon snapped out of its confusion!


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I was tweeting earlier about how I’d like to see a co-op Zelda game where you use Zelda and Link’s different skills and tools to solve puzzles. It feels like a natural leap to make since these two generally have to work together as the two not-asshole members of the Triforce.

I’m imagining a scenario where Zelda has to go in search of Link after her kingdom is taken over, and the two work together to take said kingdom back.

Anyway I doodled how they might look in such a game that was made to pander to MY interests ;x

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I can’t stress the importance of good character naming enough.

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reblog this in 5 seconds or you will bee killed
This man here did not reblog and this is the last picture he took beefore it got him

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My favourite ‘rails! Haven’t drawn these two in a while, so this was just going to be an indulgent little squiggle before I got attached.

Equius does pushups, and Nepeta does sit ups so she can push his glasses back on to his face before they slip off.

Maybe my real ship here isn’t Eq x Nep but Nep x Eq’s Glasses…

/screams from cute/

perfect yes perfect

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A quick shiny Charizard sketch. I can’t sleep so my brain is vomiting on virtual canvases. My signature’s hidden in there. Can you find it? :)

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I was snapchatting Dmns with my favourite bloodstained birb and I started to make a stupid story. I should really. REALLY. Be doing university work ( O v O ) coo coo.

Aaaaa cute

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Imagine if megalodon sharks were around today

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